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Alternate Dispute Resolution
Resolve your case outside of Court. Attorney Donald Lowrey is an experienced neutral serving as an arbitrator, referee and mediator who can help you to reach a resolution saving time and money.


Because Mr. Lowrey will work as a neutral third party, fees are shared equally between the parties. The parties may set a time limit for the length of the ADR process so that they will know in advance their cost and may cap their expense. A good starting point is to agree to a total of 3 hours of the neutral's time, including preparation. It is customary for each party to deposit with the neutral their share of fees before the hearing. If a resolution has not been obtained at the end of the time allowed, upon mutual consent, the arbitration or mediation may continue and the parties will be billed for the additional time.

Experience and Training

Donald Lowrey has provided arbitration, referee and mediation services to the public, to the Nevada Courts and to the State of Nevada. He has has had extensive training in alternate dispute resolution. He is a founding member of the Nevada Mediation Group, a non-profit established to promote mediation, resolution of disputes and practice development. Mr. Lowrey brings to your case 30+ years of legal experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in negligence matters, contract and real estate disputes.


Arbitration is the out of court resolution of a dispute between parties decided by an impartial third party (the Arbitrator). Arbitration is faster and more cost effective than litigation. During the arbitration process cases are often settled. If not, the parties will present their case at an arbitration hearing. At the conclusion, the Arbitrator may make findings of fact and a decision that may also include a monetary award. The Arbitrator's decision may be binding or non-binding depending on the agreement between the parties to seek arbitration of their dispute.


Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third-party (the Mediator) facilitates a conversation between the parties that will assist with mutual understanding and may result in an agreement to resolve a dispute. The Mediator does not hear evidence or issue a decision. The mediation process provides a safe forum for the parties to speak to each other about their concerns, surface underlying conflict and avoid going to Court and the expense of litigation. The parties may memorialize their agreement in writing.

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