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Need more information about solving IRS problems? Order Mr. Lowrey's book  "Back Taxes & Tax Debt". Order from your favorite local book store (ISBN-13: 978-0615995519) or at Amazon Books.

IRS problems are never pleasant. The Lowrey Law Firm can minimize, mitigate or resolve IRS claims in your favor. Mr. Lowrey has an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in taxation. Call now to schedule your consultation.

Offer in Compromise, Remove Tax Liens, Stop Wage Garnishments and Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax law is complex. For the average person it can be overwhelming and confusing. We can help you to understand what went wrong when the IRS sends you notice, demand or bill. If the IRS wants to collect back taxes, seizes your wages or property, or you have been treated unfairly, the Lowrey Law Firm can assist with resolving the problem and perhaps by legal means, avoid paying some or all of the taxes claimed by the IRS.

Donald Lowrey is a tax attorney serving Northwest Las Vegas including the communities of Sun City, Aliante, Centennial Hills and South Shores. The Lowrey Law firm can help stop IRS collections, negotiate tax settlements, payment programs, fresh start programs, offers in compromise and innocent spouse relief to name a few of the possible solutions. It might be helpful to think of the problem as having two parts, 1) What kinds of relief you might obtain; and, 2) How the IRS will collect from you. Click on the links below for an explanation of each.

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Protecting your Home and Assets

The Lowrey Law Firm enables seniors and those caring for them to safeguard their health, their finances and their future.

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