Famous and not so famous people frequently die without a Will. The consequences can be time consuming and costly.
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Will your estate be required to pay estate or gift taxes? Can you employ Generation Skipping strategy so that future generations can also avoid these taxes?
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How often you need to update, or at least review, your Will and Trust? Experts recommend a review every five to seven years.
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Homeowners are being solicited by mail and TV to buy title theft protection. Do you need it?
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Can you retire on the often called "4% Rule"? You need to know more.
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I get asked this question a lot. "How do I get a power of attorney over (or for) my parents?"
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Medicare as a Secondary Payer

14 Nov, 2022 | Medicare |
Will Medicare pay for a medical service not covered by my insurance? Maybe. Congress passed legislation in 1980 to prohibit payment when the patient has independently obtained health insurance.
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Nursing homes and debt collectors have been warned against trying to collect from a family member by threatening to evict a nursing home resident if the third-party family member does not pay the bill.
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